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Assurant – Adam Yaeger & Nate Werner

Assurant New Ventures is the innovation arm of a Fortune 500 specialty insurer looking for new business models and technology solutions to drive improvements in customer experience and sales for our protection products.  Innovation challenges pitched will include mobile phone protection and automobile protection.

BayTekBay Tek Games – Gaetan Philippon

Bay Tek Games has been designing and manufacturing amusement redemption games for 38 years right here in the heart of the Midwest, impacting families around the world as they engage each other in Family Entertainment Centers playing games and winning prizes while making valuable memories. Bay Tek designs anywhere between three and eight new products a year while building and shipping thousands of units annually, but that task of coming up with great new game ideas year in and year out is a difficult task. Bay Tek wants to challenge you to channel your inner child and dream big, what is that next great redemption game we will find at Chuck E. Cheese or Dave and Busters?


American Family Ventures – Dan Reed

American Family Ventures, the venture capital arm of American Family Insurance, is one of the most active early stage investment groups in the Midwest. We seek to invest in companies developing innovative solutions in the areas of home automation, data analytics, and financial services. We are open to hearing about your idea, discussing your pitch, or helping you take your high growth business to the next level. 

Appvion – Mike Cove

Appvion is looking for transformation.  When a paper company realizes it produces more than just paper, its perspective on what it can give to the world changes.  Help us see what thermal technology can do.



Foth – Steve Laszewski

Foth designs and implements large scale environmental cleanup projects, for both river and land based sites.  These large scale projects, which range from the tens to hundreds of millions in total cost, have large environmental data sets that require data collection, storage, transformation and sharing, so that ultimately a “conceptual model” of the contaminated river/land is understood with clients, government agencies and the public.  We are open to ideas on how to efficiently transform data into actionable ideas and solutions.

Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson – Ken Sarnstrom

Harley-Davidson continues to be a leader in innovation while staying rooted in its ideals of fulfilling customer dreams of personal freedom and self-expression.  Our customers are diverse, and we are always seeking new ways to support their interests and needs through Harley-Davidson motorcycles, events, community, and experiences.  Learn about how we work with startups and entrepreneurs to advance new ideas and ventures.

Pitch coming soon

Jewelers Mutual

Jewelers Mutual – Ben DeBoer

Secret Boards, International Jewelry Trade and Theft, Blockchain, Drones, Tracking Devices, Nano-Tech, Wearable Tech, Internet of Things, 3D Printed products – They sound like things out of a James Bond or Kingsman movie, but Jewelers Mutual wants to hear and invest in your ideas to make them a viable business reality.

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