Get your Startup rockin with world class experience in Wisconsin

We help startups engage with community, programs and services aimed at getting you what you need to succeed. Launch Wisconsin looks for corporate executives, startup exclusives and entrepreneurs to join its volunteer team. We have a tremendous group of individuals with real world experience across a range of industries ready to be matched with your startup.

Executives, Entrepreneurs & Mentors

Launch Wisconsin has relationships and connections with global brands in Wisconsin and the region. Getting access and insights from market experts already in your industry can save valuable time and money in your startup.

Venture Capital Connections

Locating funding partners can be overwhelming and mysterious to many aspiring entrepreneurs. Capital groups are also looking great businesses to invest into. We can help connect you to investors from inside and outside the area.


Millennial Activities and Events

Young entrepreneurs and young professionals are changing the culture in our cities and corporations. Contact us for more information on the regions young entrepreneur activities.

Co-working Space

There are many great cities in Wisconsin with co-working spaces. Launch Wisconsin invites you to join our team in our North Central location in Oshkosh, WI. Contact with us for insights on which space is best for you.