Launch Wisconsin is a startup and a non-profit

Founded and built by Wisconsin’s entrepreneur community as a single event, Launch Wisconsin is now a capacity builder for the community, and a producer of events and services that supports entrepreneurship and innovation in Wisconsin. Our goals are simple! Engage, ignite, connect and collide the individuals inside and outside our region that are passionate about building high-growth innovative companies.

Through our many relationships with Corporate Innovators, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurs, Universities and Millennials we have become a super connector for the startup ecosystem here in Wisconsin and the Midwest.

The Team
John Ernst
President - Executive Director
Kim Massey
Executive Vice President
Marcus Dumke
Vice President Corporate Innovation & Millennial Engagement
Jean Detjen
Vice President of Arts, Culture and Music
Ashley Prange
Volunteer Executive Producer
Matthew Kee
Startup Pitch Director
Our Partners & Participants

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